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Specifications (TU) products: 4250-001-97345852-2008

GOST R IEC 60950-1-2005


SAN.-EPIDEM. CONCLUSION No. 50.RA.02.425.P.000545.07.09


The Rif computer polygraph, created with the latest science and technology, is in service with the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation and many countries of the world. He has established himself as one of the most accurate and reliable polygraphs. This is confirmed by the high demand for this device from the security services of large enterprises, banks, as well as security agencies in Russia and other countries.

High-precision information retrieval and the availability of exclusive unique scales allow you to quickly and with 100% accuracy determine the person involved in the event under investigation in the event of internal investigations or scheduled inspections. Also, the device is actively used for testing when hiring.

The processing of the received data in the "Reef" is carried out inside the sensor unit, due to which there are practically no distortions and losses, due to which the output signal is the most "clean" of all polygraphs existing today (both foreign and domestic). Those. The sensitivity of "Reef" is the highest possible, and this is very important in the presence of weak signals, which many polygraphs simply "do not see".

The "Reef" polygraph has a special exclusive channel for capturing brain activity, which provides a deep analysis of the internal state of the interviewed person, moreover, deeper than EEG. The sensor unit of the device is shielded from mobile phones and other electronic and electromagnetic influences. 

Professional computer polygraph "Reef" (export version) provides reception of signals from sensors via 8 independent channels (11 scales).


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